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Automotive Electronics Reliability

Abstract: In recent years, driven by changing environmental regulations, many automakers have detailed plans to electrify large portions of their fleets over the next decade. This, combined with the industry adoption of ADAS technologies, has led to the rapid growth of car electronic systems. The introduction of new technologies coupled with aggressive timelines necessitates a change to the traditional product development process. Physical testing, a cornerstone of the product development process, is becoming much more time and cost-prohibitive, requiring a move to virtual validation. In this presentation, I will discuss how virtual validation can be achieved today through simulation, along with some of the traps engineers often fall into with simulation. 

David Dang


David Dang

Senior Application Engineer, Ansys 

David Dang is a senior application engineer at Ansys. Dang, based in Detroit, MI, assists customers with the quality, reliability, and durability of their PCBs with board-level reliability simulation with Ansys Sherlock. Before joining Ansys, Dang worked at BETA CAE Systems, supporting and promoting CAE integration within automotive and multiple other industries. Dang holds a B.Eng in Aerospace and a B.Bus in Management from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Kelly Morgan


Kelly Morgan

Principle Application Engineer, Ansys 

Kelly Morgan is a principal engineer in electronics reliability and serves as the acting product manager for Ansys Sherlock and Ansys Electronics Reliability Initiative. Over the past 8 eight years, Morgan has supported customers on structural applications and the reliability of electronic systems. Morgan holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and is based in San Jose, CA.

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