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Presentation: 1B

Multi-Objective Multi-Physics Traction Motor Design Optimization

Abstract: In this presentation, we will discuss how to govern the Multiphysics aspects of a traction motor performance during machine design optimization. Leveraging the performance trade-offs between multiple physics disciplines, including Electromagnetics, thermal, structural, and the NVH, in a traction machine design is always challenging but critical. With NVH rising to be one of the most important design criteria, we investigate an efficient and effective way to include NVH parameters in an optimization workflow. Case studies will be presented with proposed Ansys solutions.

Xiaoyi Zhao


Xiaoyi Zhao 

Senior Application Engineer, Ansys 

Xiaoyi Zhao is a senior application engineer at Ansys. Zhao has spent 4 four years specializing in low-frequency electromagnetics simulation using finite element analysis focusing on electromechanical devices. Previously Zhao worked in generator design validation and analysis within the power generation industry. 

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