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Electric Motor Design and Specification

Abstract: Electrical Motors are the best energy converters - electrical to and from mechanical - used in industry. The design process requires a complex approach that starts from specifications: electromechanical, thermal, and NVH. This presentation covers the essential steps in creating the seeding initial design that can be further optimized and analyzed. Considering all the multi-physics aspects of the electrical motor's performance is paramount in achieving a good electrical motor design that will comply with all the requirements. Simultaneous criteria are used when creating the initial design: torque ratio per volume, thermal cooling system, and mechanical stress are considered iteratively until a feasible solution will emerge. Ansys Motor-CAD simulation modules will be used to demonstrate the process: E-Magnetics, Thermal, and Mechanical modules are interactively coupled to enable the engineer to analyze several solutions. The design process is illustrated considering AC motors (permanent magnet and induction types) for traction applications.

Nicolas Riviere


Nicolas Riviere

Senior Application Engineer, Ansys 

Nicolas Riviere is a Senior Application Engineer at Ansys Motor Design Ltd, mainly involved in consultancy projects, UK and European-funded research projects, presales, and customer support operations. Riviere received his Master of Engineering degree in electrical engineering and automation in 2014 from Toulouse University (France), where he specialized in electromechanical energy conversion and mechatronics. Before joining Ansys, Riviere worked in the LAPLACE Lab. (Laboratory on Plasmas and Energy Conversion) in Toulouse to help design a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous machine for an automotive application.

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