Discover Adverse Weather Conditions Simulations

May 4, 2021
11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST


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About this Webinar

This webinar explores how Ansys Fluent performed CFD simulations of vehicles in rainy conditions. Rain drop data was exported to Ansys SPEOS for camera and lidar simulations. SPEOS results were analyzed with an open source perception algorithm software to determine bounding boxes and confidence levels in identifying various objects on the road.

Coupling CFD and optical solutions can be extended to other conditions including fog, snow, ice and dirt under day and night lighting. This coupling of solutions enables engineers to address the challenges posed by weather conditions by developing end-to-end weather-aware solutions, including designing of sensors, optimizing their performance, strategically placing sensors on a vehicle, designing a sensor cleaning system and developing and testing perception algorithms.

Speaker: Sandra Gely