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Predictive Maintenance using Ansys Digital Twin Technology

Predictive maintenance is a proactive intervention that ensures optimal and economical equipment maintenance while enhancing its net availability for operations. The practice of predictive maintenance requires the development of digital models that deliver insights based on historical data from measurements, maintenance, and operating conditions. In this webinar, we will discuss the development of models for predictive maintenance by utilizing the synergistic fusion of physics-based models and measurement data from sensors.


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We'll focus on the following topics

  • The need and motivation of hybrid analytics
  • Model development with hybrid analytics
  • Enabling technologies for deployment in real-time digital

What you will learn

  • Overview of Digital Twin
  • Quick glance through of Ansys Twin Builder and
    Twin Deployer
  • How hybrid Analytics help in predictive

Who should attend and why

Simulation engineers, design engineers, consultants, system engineers and
manufacturers. Anyone who needs to decide/manage the whole system, or anyone who works in activities related to IoT


  • Nitin Gupta