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Secure the Right Permanent Magnet Latching System in Portable Devices

Tablets, smartphones, watches, and virtual reality devices utilize permanent magnets. Accessories such as a stylus, wireless charging transmitters, and earbuds attach to them with a magnetic latching force. It is critical to understand the magnetic fields and forces from PMs of different sizes, shapes, and grades and to study the influence of ferromagnetic shunts, magnetization, demagnetization, and temperature dependence. Ansys Maxwell can perform PM modeling and analysis to further the study of motion kinematics of magnetic latching accessories.

May 14, 2024
10 AM CET / 1h30 PM IST


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What You Will Learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of permanent magnets and their applications
  • Size permanent magnets and select material types to study magnetic fields and forces
  • Model magnetization/demagnetization, magnetic moment, hysteresis, and remanent flux
  • Simulate kinematics and impact using Ansys Maxwell and Motion

Who should attend?

PCB Designers, Consumer Electronics Engineers, Systems Engineers,
Power Solutions Engineers, SI/PI Engineers, Product Design, Engineers, and Power Module Engineers


Julius Saitz