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Here you'll find valuable resources, so you're more productive with simulation workflows. We’re here to help you manage the complexities of product development and deliver game-changing insights by empowering you with the right tools and resources.

Nokia presents internal workflow

Installed Performance of 5G Massive MIMO Phased Antenna Array: Effects of Camouflage Tube-Structure

Presentation by Tomi Haapala, Antenna System Architect, Nokia Networks

IDC & Ansys: How to Accelerate Product Innovations and Successfully Scale with AI

In this presentation, IDC, Ansys, Infineon and Monolith discuss:

  • How AI impacts product innovation in your business and the type of success users of AI already have achieved
  • How to introduce and scale for AI innovation in organizations
  • Key learnings from organizations leading in the field of AI.

How to Design Base Station (or Microcell) Antenna Arrays for 5G Wireless Networks

In this White Paper you will discover a step-by-step workflow outlining hybrid solutions in HFSS that will help you create high-fidelity designs of antennas, arrays and microcells.

Ansys HFSS Blog Articles

HFSS Antenna Design

Top 3 New HFSS Features for 5G Antenna Design

For decades Ansys HFSS enables engineers to address their most difficult antenna design challenges. The recent Ansys 2020 R2 release brings new and significant improvements to HFSS, specifically addressing antenna design challenges for 5G.


Optimize 5G Antenna Design and Solve Large Communication Challenges with Ansys HFSS

A surgeon in Boston connects with a surgeon in Bangalore to help guide him through a life-saving surgery as it is happening. A self-driving vehicle suddenly brakes in anticipation of what the driver cannot see just around the next corner. These are just two of the many possibilities 5G brings into our connected lives.


How to Design an Antenna Array for 5G Networks & Applications

Engineers will need to completely redesign antenna arrays so they can handle the increased bandwidth of 5G networks. With the help of Ansys HFSS, these engineers can create 5G antenna array designs in 8 steps.

5G Antenna Technology for Smart Products

Pivotal Commware designs the next generation of these beamforming antennas or cellular base stations and other applications, at a fraction of the cost of existing methods. The company’s engineers use Ansys HFSS to create antenna designs that meet design requirements on the first or second pass, substantially reducing the time required to bring new antennas to market in this highly competitive industry.


Ansys Topology Optimization - Reinvent your product development process                                                                                                                                     

A first-ever interactive topology optimization tool leveraging the gold standard of Ansys simulation to uncover design solutions through shape optimization, without the computational cost.



Radically Improving Electronics Reliability

Ansys electronics reliability workflows help you overcome numerous electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability challenges. This enables you to boost signal integrity, protect against shock and vibration failure, eliminate electromagnetic interference and much more.

Simulation Best Practices for Electronics Reliability

Innovation requires performance, miniaturization, and cost management, so electronic reliability is necessary to make innovation happen.


Optimizing PCBA Design for Shock, Vibration and Thermal Analysis

Perhaps the most important metric is the modal response or natural frequencies of the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). The “natural frequencies” of a PCBA provide valuable insight into the vibration behaviour of the assembly.


Lightweighting Webinar Series

We offer the broadest set of engineering simulation capabilities, which can be deployed pervasively from ideation through manufacturing and operation.Watch

This webinar series focuses on our lightweighting capabilities to help solve your toughest A&D engineering problems.

Optimize and Predict Electronics Reliability

Best practices for ensuring and predicting electronics reliability require comprehensive multi-physics simulations. Ansys provides reliability success by developing solutions and workflows that overcome today’s most significant simulation and design challenges.

  • Check icon outline
    Extract Detailed Geometries from any ECAD file
  • Check icon outline
    Perform Complex Multiphysics Analyses
  • Check icon outline
    Predict Time to Failure Before Prototyping
  • Check icon outline
    Implement Automation and Optimization

Ansys Icepak - Cooling Simulation Software for Electronic Components

Ansys Icepak is a CFD solver for electronics thermal management. It predicts airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in IC packages, PCBs, electronic assemblies/enclosures, and power electronics.


Beat The Heat with Ansys Icepak                                

Preventing PCB Failures Due to Thermal and Mechanical Stresses                       

The potential for failure in electronic systems due to thermal and mechanical loading of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is escalating due to steadily increasing power dissipation combined with smaller board sizes. It has not been practical to accurately simulate PCB deformation because too much computing power is required to solve a finite element model containing the whole board geometry. A new Ansys multiphysics methodology overcomes this problem by simplifying the PCB geometry while tracking the material properties of each segment of the board. Engineers can use this new methodology to accurately predict the deformation generated by thermal-mechanical stresses, random vibration, and mechanical shock within the timeframe of a typical design iteration.


Electro-Thermal Analysis Using Icepak in Ansys Electronics Desktop                      

With the native integration of Ansys Icepak into the Ansys Electronics Desktop, Ansys users benefit from a highly streamlined electromagnetic-thermal analysis workflow that promotes better collaboration between electrical and thermal engineers. With seamless coupling between Icepak and the Ansys Electromagnetic (EM) tool suite, accurate and detailed heat losses, determined by EM calculations, can be easily included in the thermal calculations via intuitive right-click operations.

Watch an overview of Ansys AEDT Icepak and get a panoramic feel for performing electromagnetic-thermal analysis using Ansys Electronics Desktop.

Ansys SIwave - Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and EMI Analysis for PCB Design

Ansys SI Wave is a specialized tool for power integrity, signal integrity, and EMI analysis of IC packages and PCBs. It solves power delivery systems and high-speed channels in electronic devices.


Electromigration Analysis with SIwave

224 Gbps or Bust: How Samtec Leverages Ansys HFSS for High-Speed Interconnect Design

In today’s real world, the underpinning of global communications networks is the signal channels routing data at the fastest rates possible. Since 2020, 224 Gbps channel data rates have been a reality. While years from production, the race is developing 224 Gbps semiconductor and high-speed interconnect solutions.


De-Risking High-Speed Serial Links from On-Chip Electromagnetic Crosstalk and Power Distribution Issues

High speed/frequency RF transceivers and SoCs for 5G, mobile, AI, automotive, and networking applications are increasingly susceptible to electromagnetic (EM) cross-coupling effects. Learn how on-chip EM solutions can accurately capture all electromagnetic phenomena for mitigating the risk of electromagnetic crosstalk-induced performance degradation and failure in high-speed, high-frequency, and low-power RFICs and SoCs. See how NVIDIA addresses high-speed serial link design challenges that come with denser routings and aggressive floorplans, including on-chip EM crosstalk and large di/dt induced supply noise.




EMA3D Cable Faster EMC Solving for Large Systems

Discover how the new features in EMA3D Cable help you hurdle safety-critical electromagnetic interference (EMI) challenges, including high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF), lightning strikes, crosstalk, radiated emissions and conducted susceptibility.


Accelerating EMI/EMC Testing Using Simulation

Watch this presentation to learn more about

  • EMI/EMC challenges and requirements
  • Why simulation is necessary to overcome these challenges and meet requirements
  • How Ansys solutions can shorten the design development cycle with respect to EMI/EMC issues



Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC)

Learn about EMI/EMC

Minimizing electromagnetic interference with simulation delivers high-performance, compliant, and safe electronics systems, down to the microchip level.


PCB Design Rules for Electromagnetic Compatibility

Don't break the rules when it comes to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Following simple guidelines for electromagnetic compatibility when designing PCBs will save time and costs. Simulation software can help.

Application Brief

EMI/EMC and Co-existence Simulation Methodology for High Performance Digital, Mixed Signal and RF Wireless Products

ST Microelectronics shares a new simulation methodology to estimate, investigate and address radiated EMI/EMC/Co-existence issues.


How Ansys PowerArtist Helps Achieve Your Power Budget for Power Efficient Semiconductor Design

We’ll demonstrate how PowerArtist can model physical effects to achieve predictable RTL power accuracy enabling early design decisions with confidence.


SI/PI/Thermal Challenges and opportunities of advanced packaging from 2.5D to 3D

ANSYS2020 Innovation Conference Keynote SI/PI/Thermal Challenges and opportunities of advanced packaging from 2.5D to 3D.

Introduction to RedHawk

ANSYS RedHawk is an industry-standard sign-off platform for system-aware SoC power, noise and reliability. RedHawk has the capacity to handle designs with over a billion gates, while maintaining sign-off accuracy.

Ansys Minerva - Simulation process and data management (SPDM) made easy

Boost engineering productivity with efficient simulation process and data management.

With Ansys Minerva, you’ll be able to secure critical simulation data, provide process and decision support, and deliver immediate benefits by connecting powerful simulation and optimization solutions to your existing ecosystem of tools and processes. Because Ansys Minerva is available on-premise and cloud deployment, connecting team members regardless of geography and functional silos.

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    Capture and Manage Knowledge
  • Check icon outline
    Vendor-Neutral Architecture
  • Check icon outline
    Collaborate Across the Entire Organization
  • Check icon outline
    Scalable and Configurable

How to Meet the Top 5 Simulation Process and Data Management Challenges

The biggest challenges faced by organizations trying to manage the simulation process are:

  1. State-of-the-art simulation workflows require collaboration
  2. Organizing and monitoring of simulation activities
  3. Lack of visibility
  4. Lack of interconnectivity
  5. Lack of context


Workflow Automation Speeds Your Digital Transformation

Product design and development complexity continues to increase, extending to the system level where multiple components within products need to interact.


Take Your Engineering Simulation Workflow to the Next Level

Since every company is different, a simulation process and data management solution should be easily configured. It follows your review process and is flexible to account for change orders. Finally, it should be open to any data format or tool while still providing full traceability.

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