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Ansys + EasyMile

Future-Ready Driverless Vehicles

Driving Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Autonomous vehicles need a high level of information to operate safely. The real-time data-processing is driven by input from a complex system of lidars, radars, cameras, internet of things sensors, GPS and navigation software, all working together to give a 360-degree perspective of vehicle surroundings. Demonstrating safety at this level is difficult, requiring clearly defined methods and tools for managing the complex architecture of these nonclassical systems.

Working together, Ansys and CADFEM France enable EasyMile engineers to work from a single model for all safety activities across platforms — significantly shortening development cycles, speeding time to market, and reducing operational costs for EasyMile’s driverless shuttle and tow tractor solutions.


“It has been difficult in the past to demonstrate the safety of our products to clients. Ansys medini analyze really helps us to streamline the process and bring it all together in a way that our clients can understand. Together with Ansys’ support, we’re helping shape future standards for autonomous vehicle safety.”

Romain Dupont,
Safety Manager at EasyMile

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Leading the Way in All-Electric Autonomous Vehicles

Today, fully electric driverless shuttles roll through college and business campuses and wind through city streets to shape the future of transportation. Moreover, all-electric driverless tractors enable autonomous material handling in manufacturing environments to transport materials seamlessly, without interruption, speeding time to market. 

EasyMile delivers complete solutions for driverless mobility and goods transportation, partnering with blue chip original equipment manufacturers to autonomize their electric vehicles. Predetermined standards for safety already in place for those industries must be tweaked for the safe operation and control of an autonomous vehicle. EasyMile faces the challenge of working with highly complex new systems, without clearly defined methods for demonstrating the safety of their autonomous vehicle applications. This is where Ansys medini analyze comes in.

With the support of the Ansys team, EasyMile successfully customized medini with an extension to help them drive all safety concepts and requirements into one model for both their passenger and material transport applications. The tool supports their engineering approach and can generate the documentation of all their products across platforms.

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The Need for a Model-Based Solution

The Need for a Model-Based Solution

To help ensure that all systems and components will operate reliably, automotive systems engineers require an advanced, automated tool for generating and verifying software code.

Wireframe digital model of sensors helping autonomous vehicles to navigate around each other

Autonomous Sensor Development

Simulation is proven to enable engineers to improve sensor performance, determine optimal vehicle integration configurations, and examine their behavior across a wide range of operational scenarios.


Autonomous Engineering

Completely autonomous vehicles have the potential to nearly eliminate passenger vehicle crashes and the attendant damages to people and property. Moving the autonomous industry forward will require a mix of simulation and real-world testing.

Validate Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Validate Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Billions of miles of road testing would be required to validate the safety of autonomous driving systems and software. Simulation is needed to make verification and validation of the operation of autonomous vehicles a practical endeavor.

A Comprehensive Solution for Developing Autonomous Vehicles

Ansys solutions for autonomous vehicles (AVs) can work together to provide a complete solution for designing and simulating AVs, including lidar and sensors, functional safety, and safety-critical embedded code — all simulated through virtual reality to reduce physical road testing requirements.


Ansys medini analyze

Ansys medini analyze implements key safety analysis methods (HAZOP, HARA, FHA, FTA, FME(C)A, FMEDA, etc.) in one integrated tool. It supports the efficient and consistent execution of the analysis activities that are required by safety standards.