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March 5, 2024

Simulation World 2024: Get Ready to Be Equipped, Empowered, and Inspired to Do Big Things

Did you know that simulation helped Pratt & Whitney design a game-changing engine architecture that has saved aircraft operators over a million gallons in fuel? Or that sustainable energy start-up Amogy is using simulation to build a novel, portable, carbon-free energy system to convert ammonia into renewable fuel that will power green transportation solutions of the future? Or that medical researchers at the University of Zaragoza are relying on multiscale simulation frameworks to model solid tumor growth at the subcellular, cellular, tissue, and organ level to better assess and treat cancer?

Across industries, Ansys customers are using simulation to do some pretty heavy lifting — from electrifying mobility, to advancing safer medical treatments, to keeping satellites in orbit, to name a few. There are few limits to how simulation can be applied.

Of course, all of these innovations have one thing in common. They began with ideas from people just like you, who, with the right tools at the right time, made their industry-changing ideas reality. From May 14-16, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from many of them during Simulation World 2024, a virtual event demonstrating how Ansys technologies can put the power of innovation in your hands.

Simulation World 2024 celebrates our customers’ engineering achievements to inspire you. It connects you with the tools and solvers you need to work smarter, not harder to test your own theories. And it shows you how Ansys technologies can help you act on your ideas to make your breakthrough ideas reality.


Discover Where the Power of Ansys Simulation Can Take You in 14 Great Tracks

This year’s free, virtual event takes place over three days, organized into 14 distinct tracks that speak to the transformative power of simulation to inspire, equip, and empower you on the way to technological innovation and exploration: 

Day 1: Inspire

  • Create What's Next in Mobility: Learn how simulation is transforming mobility to address unprecedented challenges and deliver cost-effective, competitively differentiated solutions, from safer, more sustainable designs to the complex electronics and embedded software that define them.
  • Digital Engineering for Mission Success: The aerospace and defense industries must operate on the cutting edge to deliver advanced capabilities. Learn how digital engineering helps them increase flexibility, update legacy programs, and speed new technology into service.
  • Accelerate Cleaner Energy Development: See how industries rely on simulation to streamline production and distribution of safer, cleaner, more reliable energy through fuel-to-power conversions, and to accelerate scaling of low-carbon energy solutions.
  • Digitize and Personalize Medicine: Safer medical treatments can require more testing and clinical trials, making traditional approaches less affordable. Discover how simulation-driven in silico methods reduce market costs and facilitate breakthrough innovation, without compromising patient safety.
  • Ensure First-Time Silicon Success: Hear how integrated chip (IC) designers are tackling significant challenges rising from bespoke silicon trends and 3D-IC packaging technology to ensure first-time silicon success.

Day 2: Empower:

  • Tackle Engineering Complexity with Numerics: This track demonstrates how the application of advanced physics models and numerical methods for multiphysics simulation can tackle difficult design challenges and analyze real-world scenarios to overcome increasing product complexity.
  • Engineer without Limits: Learn why having the flexibility and open ecosystem needed to simulate modern, complex products and systems at scale requires the latest advancements in hyperscale and cloud computing.
  • Transform Simulation at the Speed of AI: AI-augmented simulation technology is a real game-changer, bringing unprecedented speed, innovation, and accessibility to engineering. See why it's not just about accelerating simulation, it's about making it more accessible.
  • Connect Digital Threads: This track discusses the ability of digital engineering to sort through complexity to reduce time, cost, and risk — increasing accuracy and performance with physics rigor to deliver a design infrastructure and open ecosystem along a two-way digital thread.

Day 3: Equip

  • Power Up Intelligent Connectivity: Discover the power of electromagnetic simulation to successfully model, analyze, and design many high- and low-frequency electronics, including computing platforms, generators and transformers, communications systems and satellites, and advanced driver-assistance systems.
  • Reinforce Structural Integrity: This track shows how simulation solves complex structural engineering challenges quickly and efficiently through finite element analysis (FEA), customized and automated solutions for structural mechanics, and multiple design scenario analyses to ensure greater product integrity.
  • Go with the Computational Flow: Get a better perspective of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and how it delivers insights to help companies make critical design decisions that reduce energy consumption and improve product performance.
  • Innovate at the Speed of Light: See how optics-specific tools and workflows help optical designers innovate across an entire industry to expedite groundbreaking product development and improve performance, reliability, and yield — from the nano to the micro scale.
  • Optimize Across the Board: Learn how comprehensive multiphysics EM/IR, thermal, and electromagnetic simulation are accelerating 3D-IC design, bespoke silicon, and intelligent connectivity to increase the speed and efficiency of semiconductor manufacturing. 

Register Now for Simulation World 2024

At Simulation World 2024, you’ll hear from members of the global product development community as they come together to inspire you — and each other — with tales of agility, innovation, determination, and discovery on the way to solving them.

In this virtual setting, you can view and rearrange your schedule before or during live sessions — all from the comfort of your personal workspace. Curate your own agenda based on track or topic, then view, download, and share them with others, or export them to your calendar.

Every day, Ansys technologies are powering innovations that drive advancement. Simulation World 2024 is a chance for you see how they can help you do the same — whether you've got a seed of an idea you'd like to grow, or are well on your way to innovating something new. And participation is free.

So be sure to sign up for Simulation World 2024 today and encourage your colleagues to do the same. 

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