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Cloud is Leveling the Playing Field for Technology Startups

A technology startup faces a great deal of challenges: funding, hiring, office space, manufacturing, messaging, legal, software, and infrastructure, to name a few. CEOs can feel overwhelmed by the sheer size and complexity of the puzzle that is establishing a successful corporation. It only takes one of the pieces to fail to jeopardize the whole enterprise. The stakes are high.

One area of investment that is particularly expensive and difficult to get right for hardware startups is the engineering simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure required for virtual prototyping and testing. Rescale and the ANSYS Startup Program offer solutions for startups with on-demand and fully scalable software and hardware that require zero in-house IT.

Rescale and the ANSYS Startup Program are partnering to offer a scalable, zero-IT simulation solution to startups

Technology startups, by their very nature, design and manufacture brand new concepts and products that may not have been physically tested or prototyped before the company is launched. Instead, they often rely on physics-based simulation software tools and high-performance computing to initially pitch to investors and later to refine the design as the company grows. These so-called “virtual prototypes” give a very high level of confidence that the product will function as specified.

These days, all areas of physics can be simulated reliably. The ANSYS toolset, for example, can simulate mechanics, fluid flow, electromagnetics, thermal and others. It can even handle multiphysics simulation, which analyzes multiple areas of physics in a systematic manner.

The traditional simulation model is to buy or lease software tool licenses and invest in the hardware infrastructure. However, it is hard to size the software and hardware systems appropriate for both current and future demand. Demand fluctuates. Often demand is too high, causing queueing and stalling development progress. Just as often it is too low, leaving the systems sitting idle, consuming power and depreciating.

The Rescale and ANSYS Startup Program Partnership

The ANSYS Startup Program and Rescale are partnering to run a pilot for startups in North America. Through the partnership, ANSYS Startup Program members who already have discounted engineering simulation software can also gain deep discounts on data storage and compute services on Rescale’s ScaleX platform for HPC in the cloud. Rescale additionally partners with AWS to allow startups to consume AWS credits directly through the ScaleX Enterprise product, ensuring ease of onboarding and reducing time to results.

By taking advantage of the Rescale and ANSYS Startup Program partnership, tech-forward startups can retain a zero in-house IT footprint and zero capital expenditures even for large-scale simulation. All simulation costs become operating expenditures that scale up or down to match demand and cash flow requirements. Virtually unlimited scaling, combined with the agility of the cloud, gives startups a competitive advantage over large, established incumbents in the market.

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The Benefits for a Startup

One of the first companies to make use of the ANSYS Startup Program using Rescale is Optisys. Optisys is a small, radio frequency (RF) antenna design company based in Utah. The company’s focused, highly-qualified team competes with large and established incumbent RF suppliers. Optisys’ CTO and co-founder Mike Hollenbeck described how the program has enabled Optisys to excel in their field and to disrupt the RF component market.

By leveraging the ANSYS Startup Program software on Rescale, Optisys was able to scale out their simulations on thousands of cores at once, vastly accelerating their simulation workflows and allowing parallelization of jobs. With virtually limitless compute resources available on-demand, Optisys can achieve simulation throughputs that surpass larger competitors with dedicated on-premise HPC data centers. According to Hollenbeck, “Rescale easily gives us a 3-4x improvement in simulation speed for the vast majority of problems, and it’s significantly more for large problems that I couldn’t efficiently handle before. In terms of time to market, it’s allowing us to take RF design cycles from months down to weeks.”

You can see the full interview as well as additional benefits from the startup perspective here.

In Closing

The goal of this partnership is to allow ANSYS Startup Program members the opportunity to host their software licenses on the cloud in the easiest and most affordable way possible through Rescale. ANSYS and Rescale are working together to make this process seamless and easy, so startups can focus their energy and time on building their business. The opportunity to leverage this partnership is now open for ANSYS Startup Program members in North America. With continued success, the goal will be to move this from a pilot to a permanent partnership, as well as expand the opportunity globally at the end of 2018.