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Ansys ModelCenter Can Help A&D Engineers Implement MBSE

June 26, 2024



Beth Ellen Dibeler | Product Marketing Manager, Ansys

Precision and efficiency are paramount to aerospace and defense engineering. Every decision holds immense weight and requires meticulous attention to detail — whether designing aircraft or developing cutting-edge defense systems. In such a high-stakes environment, leveraging advanced tools and methodologies can make all the difference.

However, combining disparate technologies can add complexity to an already complex process. What is needed is a comprehensive framework for model-based engineering. Ansys ModelCenter model-based systems engineering (MBSE) software is that framework. It connects aerospace and defense engineering tools into a unified platform to help optimize designs and automate workflows. Its versatility makes it valuable across a range of aerospace and defense applications because it enables predictive decision-making. By considering schedule, risk, and cost alternatives early in the life cycle, ModelCenter software helps ensure informed and effective project management.

Integrate Tools To Streamline Project Workflows

ModelCenter software can be used to streamline the engineering process by centralizing disparate tools and datasets in a single environment. It fosters collaboration and facilitates cross-disciplinary communication. Engineers can seamlessly integrate a variety of different analyses and business tools, creating a holistic view of the design space to enhance decision-making.


Ansys ModelCenter model-based systems engineering (MBSE) software provides a comprehensive framework for model-based engineering.

In the aerospace industry, where even minor improvements can lead to significant performance gains, ModelCenter software empowers engineers to explore design alternatives rapidly. Its optimization capabilities enable the consideration of numerous design parameters and constraints. Whether it's minimizing drag for enhanced fuel efficiency or maximizing lift for improved maneuverability, ModelCenter software provides the means to achieve optimal designs within defined constraints.

“Automating and integrating the simulation into this system model then allows the team to rapidly identify potential issues with changes to mission requirements, as well as perform continuous verification of requirements and mission design parameters throughout the life cycle of the spacecraft. … The overall improvement versus the original process was about a seven times speedup in turnaround time.”

— Phathom Athena Donald, Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin Space

In the defense sector, where mission success hinges on technological advancement, ModelCenter software plays a pivotal role in accelerating the development of next-generation systems. From simulating complex systems to optimizing the performance of critical components, ModelCenter software equips engineers with the tools needed to push the boundaries of innovation. By automating repetitive tasks and enabling design exploration, it empowers defense contractors to deliver solutions that meet the most stringent requirements.

Get the Big Picture To Boost A&D Innovation

ModelCenter software’s impact extends beyond individual projects, influencing the broader landscape of aerospace and defense engineering. By fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency, it catalyzes advancements in the industry with knowledge capture and reuse. Its role in accelerating the design cycle, reducing development costs, and enhancing product performance highlights its significance in industry and product adoption.

Moreover, ModelCenter software remains at the forefront of technological innovation, continuously evolving to meet the evolving needs of the aerospace and defense industries. With features such as multidisciplinary optimization, design under uncertainty, and advanced data analytics, it remains poised to tackle the most challenging engineering problems of tomorrow.

“What … gets me most excited is MDAO, which is calculating system performance, checking requirements, and performing design trade-offs in a very quantitative fashion. We have a flexible model for evaluating trade studies, performing system optimization, and system verification for phased array antenna systems.”

— John Hodge, Senior Principal RF Engineer at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

As products grow increasingly complex, ModelCenter software offers a robust framework for integrating and managing intricate engineering workflows. By linking systems architecture with engineering analysis, Ansys facilitates MBSE. The Ansys Systems Architecture Modeler enables real-time collaboration, allowing users to create detailed architectural models of the systems being designed. This capability helps eliminate silos and bridge communication gaps, enhancing collaboration and ensuring cohesive system development.

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Product Marketing Manager

Beth Ellen Dibeler is a Product Marketing Manager for model-based systems engineering and ModelCenter at Ansys. She has over 10 years of experience in model-based systems products management and marketing in the aerospace and defense industries. Beth Ellen has a master degree in business from University of Pittsburgh. 


Ansys ModelCenter Can Help A&D Engineers Implement MBSE

Ansys ModelCenter Can Help A&D Engineers Implement MBSE

See how Ansys ModelCenter MBSE software connects aerospace and defense engineering tools into a unified platform to help optimize designs and automate workflows.

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