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Student Design Teams

Ansys partners with student teams competing in a variety of competitions by providing access to free research software, learning resources, and support. 

Student Team Partnerships

Free Software, Resources, and Support Utilized by Teams Globally

Student teams using Ansys have a competitive edge and gain a skillset required to be successful in the real world. Ansys provides university-based student teams free research software, resources, and support. Student teams using Ansys participate in a range of global competitions including but not limited to Formula SAE (FSAE), Hyperloop Pod Competition, Solar Car Challenge, F1 in Schools, and a variety of autonomous vehicle and rocket design challenges.

students standing around car

Learn with Free Ansys Innovation Courses

There are more than 200 free, on-demand Innovation Courses covering a broad range of physics topics as well as specific applications of Ansys products. Additionally, we have a “Student Team” category of courses designed with specific competitions in mind.

Student Team Tutorial Videos

Each playlist is designed to help student team members enhance their skillsets and provide specific ways to utilize Ansys software to achieve success while participating in competitions.

Student Design Teams Across a Variety of Competitions Benefit from Ansys

As a dedicated simulation solutions provider, Ansys is a valued solution for students competing in a variety of design competitions all over the world, including but not limited to:

  • Formula SAE
  • Baja SAE
  • World Solar Challenge
  • SpaceX Hyperloop
  • Wind Powered Cars
  • SAE Aero Design
  • SAE Supermileage
  • Rocket Design
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • SAE Clean Snowmobile
  • F1 in Schools
  • Solar Boats

Flash Your Partnership

Student teams in partnership with Ansys have permission to use the Ansys logo on their website, social media pages, marketing collateral and most importantly your finished designs. Showcase your team’s skillset with Ansys by highlighting our logo on your design. 

Team Sonic Boom F1 Vehicle

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