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Transmission Lines and Waveguides with Ansys Electronics Desktop

This lecture unit provides an introduction to the theory of transmission lines. Characteristic impedance is defined and used to derive equations for signal reflection and transmission at an impedance discontinuity. Analysis also covers matching networks, input impedance and S-parameters. Exercises and Quiz are included to help with critical thinking and motivation for self-exploration on circuit analysis. 

This lecture unit is based on a course developed by Kathryn Leigh Smith, Asst. Prof. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in partnership with Ansys.

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding fundamental concepts Matching Networks, Wave propagation, S parameters,
  • Ability to analyze circuit on Ansys Electronics Desktop - Circuits,
  • Awareness of circuit frequency analysis and matching networks applications 

Applicable Courses

  • Matching Networks, S-Parameters

Downloadable Content

  • Lecture Presentation
  • relevant simulation file


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