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Lecture Unit: Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (1D Elements) with Ansys Mechanical 

This lecture provides an introduction to finite element analysis (FEA).  After a brief introduction to numerical analysis, basic equations of FEA and typical workflow are presented. Following which how to perform analysis of structures with 1D elements using analytical methods as well as Ansys Mechanical are shown.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding of finite element analysis of 1D Elements​
  • Ability to use Ansys Mechanical to set up a 1D structural simulation​
  • Awareness of the importance of simulation in engineering design

Applicable Courses for Use

Solid Mechanics, Structures, Stress analysis, FEA

Downloadable Content

  • PowerPoint Presentation (slides with notes)
  • In-built Quiz 
  • Simulation Exercises and Homework
lecture unit fea 1d

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