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Unrivaled Ingenuity: Ansys Discovery’s Top 5 Features

Discovery is a revolutionary tool that requires us to rethink what we know about design and simulation. With this tool, Ansys was able to create new tools and technology to allow engineers to effortlessly conduct simulations in orders of magnitude less time than traditional simulation technology. In this webinar, we will explore five of our favorite features inside of Ansys Discovery.

  • Simulations in Discovery “Just Work”   
  • Geometry changes in the same environment
  • Multiple and multi-physics inside one environment
  • Refreshed user experience
  • Continuity with the entire Ansys ecosystem

Watch Presentation

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What You Will Learn

  • How Discovery can enhance your product development workflow
  • Discover the power of integrated geometry modeling while simulating
  • Learn what key features of Discovery revolutionize our approach to design and simulation

Who Should Attend

Engineering managers and methods groups. Design engineers. Analysts looking to offload routine simulations


Ethan Thompson

Webinar: Unrivaled Ingenuity: Ansys Discovery’s Top 5 Features