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Unlocking Efficiency Potential Through Scripting and Customization

Explore how Ansys Discovery breaks down stereotypical simulation barriers through its unique approach that is radically easy to use, highly flexible, and ideally suited for early design exploration and refinement in this upcoming webinar.


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Discovery is a new and revolutionary tool that requires us to rethink what we know about design and simulation. With this tool, personalization is also part of the product's DNA. Geometry creation, simplification, correction, and pre-processing can all be automated, increasing productivity and allowing you to focus on your core business. In this webinar, we will present you the different topics:

  • Create a basic script from scratch with the script editor
  • Use script for design and simulation
  • Use script in a combination of the history tracking
  • Create a custom tool to share with your co-workers
  • Run a script in batch mode

What you will learn

  • How Discovery can enhance your product development workflow
  • See a few automated features offered by scripts
  • How to link Discovery with another tool

Who should attend and why

Engineering managers and methods groups, and design engineers. Ideal for engineers looking to relieve themselves of routine tasks.


  • Philippe Laguna
  • Jeff Abshoff