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Particle Modeling for Engineered Mechanical Systems Design 

Learn how to use Ansys Rocky for simulating the motion of granular and discontinuous material during this free virtual workshop.

July 16, 2024
9 AM to 12 PM EDT


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Design of engineering mechanical systems requires an understanding of particle dynamics. Particle simulation using discrete element modeling (DEM) enables accurate design, improves real-life performance of equipment and machinery, and increases product quality and uniformity in many industries.

In this virtual workshop, you will learn about DEM (discrete element modeling) and perform hands-on simulation examples of setting up and running problems with particles only using DEM standalone or combined with CFD and/or FEA. All skill levels are welcome.   

What attendees will learn

  • Introduction to DEM
  • Overview of Ansys Rocky capabilities
  • Hands-on session to set and run DEM applications.
  • Hands-on session to set and run CFD-DEM and FEA-DEM


Who should attend

Mechanical engineers, simulation and modeling professionals, process engineers, manufacturing engineering, equipment designers, and material engineers.