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Modeling Blasts and Explosions with Ansys Solutions

Discover how to model blast and explosion with a multiphysics approach using Ansys LS-Dyna. During this webinar, you’ll see how advanced modeling capabilities can simulate the propagation and effect of explosions.

The webinar has past, but you can still get the recording by filling out the form.

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About this Webinar

An explosion is a rapid phenomenon in which immediate energy in high temperature and high-pressure releases due to the expansion of concentrated gases. It is a highly dynamic phenomenon that involves complex nonlinearities.

During explosion and blast, it’s essential to understand the phenomenon to optimize its intended effect. Testing is critical, but the most significant challenge comes in testing as complexities, environmental effects, cost constraints, time, reproducibility of test results. So, to understand the explosion behavior, a numerically driven multiphysics modeling approach is required to model instantaneous explosion and simulate its 3D shock.

What you will learn

  • Understand Advanced Modeling Capabilities to simulate the propagation and effect of an explosion on structures
  • Construct the model and related boundary conditions

Who should attend

Defense customers- explosion and blast departments


Mayank Dwivedi