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ISO-26262 Compliant BMS and Vehicle Integration

This webinar covers how Ansys solutions address battery management challenges and complexities: model-based functional safety analysis and safety-critical BMS software development, BMS integration, and validation.

July 31, 2024


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A reliable and safe battery design requires a battery management system (BMS) that ensures the battery stays within its operating envelope. It also safeguards battery packs from internal and external faults. An efficient BMS development ensures the functional development of the software algorithm and its compliance with the most stringent safety regulatory standards defined under ISO26262 and conformance to the AUTOSAR software architecture. An integrated workflow of model-based software development and functional safety analysis can significantly reduce the tasking effort associated with BMS software development.

In addition to developing the BMS software, it is also critical that it operates in conjunction with the battery pack and the rest of the vehicle. Effective integration at the subsystem and vehicle levels heavily determines the overall performance and safety of electric vehicles. The use of accurate physics-based models for software hardware integration and validation is essential to ensure the performance of the BMS, battery subsystem, and the whole vehicle.

What you will learn

In this webinar, to help you understand Ansys solutions in addressing these challenges and complexities, we will cover the following topics:

  • Model based functional safety analysis and safety-critical BMS software development
  • BMS integration and validation through Model-in-loop and Hardware-in-loop
  • Vehicle validation through real drive testing

Who should attend

Battery management system team lead, system engineer – battery management systems, BMS SW engineer, battery systems engineer, battery systems product designer, battery pack  system design and engineer and  electrical integration engineer


  • Tushar Sambharam
  • Adbi Zeynu