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Hands-on Workshop for Design Optimization and Process Integration with Ansys optiSLang 

Join the Ansys optiSLang Hands-On Workshop. Enhance your engineering simulation skills and master optiSLang for optimization tasks. Ideal for fluid mechanics, structures, or electronics, this workshop offers practical exercises and real-world examples to automate design, improve performance, and reduce development time.


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This practical workshop is designed to empower engineering simulation professionals like you with the essential skills to leverage optiSLang for your automation and optimization tasks. Whether working in fluid mechanics, structures, or electronics, this workshop will train you on the powerful capabilities of Ansys optiSLang, a leading software for process integration and design optimization. Through a series of practical exercises and real-world examples, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use optiSLang to automate your design processes, improve product performance, and reduce development time. 

What attendees will learn

  • Introduction to Ansys optiSLang Interface and Workflow
  • Design of Experiments (DoE) and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Optimize Techniques and Metamodeling
  • Integrate with Ansys Workbench, Ansys AEDT, Ansys Fluent, and Other Tools

By the end of this workshop, you will have the confidence and skills to apply Ansys optiSLang for optimizing complex engineering designs, ultimately leading to better performance and more innovative solutions. 


Who should attend

Any engineer working on fluids, structural mechanics, electronic, electromagnetic, or optics simulations, across all industrial sectors.