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Student Team Design Improvements Through Intelligent Material Selection

Join our upcoming webinar tailored for student teams to discover the powerful capabilities of Ansys Granta Selector and its role in enhancing the design process for your competitions.

Accurate design and simulation require reliable materials property data, which is often hard to find. Moreover, translating this data into models for your simulation software often poses a significant risk of errors. However, fear not, as this webinar will delve into the extensive materials data provided by Ansys Granta, encompassing metals, plastics, composites, and much more

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About this Webinar

Get ready to explore how this data seamlessly integrates within your simulation tools, empowering you with the tools and knowledge to make informed design decisions and unleash your team's full potential in your competitions. Don't miss this opportunity to streamline your design process and leverage the power of Ansys Granta Selector to excel in your competition

What You Will Learn

  • Access an extensive and reliable database of material properties
  • Materials selection for light weighting and various applications
  • Seamlessly link chosen materials with your simulation
  • Explore the performance of novel composites
  • Calculate the environmental impact of your design

You’ll learn how to access the software, training, and additional support.
An open discussion will be held at the end to address your questions.


  • Navid Manai
  • Bridget Ogwezi