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From Transistor to Wireless Communication – An End-to-End 5G/6G Workflow

Join us in this entire end-to-end workflow webinar and unfold the design nuances of a Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier from a transistor model and its progression through comprehensive circuitry. Dive into Co-Simulation and multiphysics, ensuring a holistic approach to design and evaluation.


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Welcome to a transformative learning experience designed to bridge the gap between micro-level components and macro-level systems in wireless communication. This webinar will take you on a comprehensive journey, starting with the design of a Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier from a transistor model. We’ll cover the creation of the complete circuitry, including matching and bias networks, and transition to a 3D layout that incorporates real-world elements like packages and connectors. The journey continues as we utilize Co-Simulation between the 3D full-wave EM and circuit solvers to perform extensive signal analysis. We’ll also delve into how we account for thermal effects to ensure robust and realistic designs.

The webinar extends into system-level integration, coupling our amplifier with a 5G phased array antenna. Using the Ansys Network Planner, we’ll evaluate their combined performance, validate it against industry requirements, and even predict its impact in a simulated network environment. We’ll introduce you to cutting-edge tools for real-time wireless channel modeling, vital for 5G/6G Key Performance Indicator (KPI) extraction and algorithm testing.

Whether you’re an industry professional, a researcher, or intrigued by the future of wireless technology, this webinar promises a 360-degree overview that marries theory, practical design, simulation, and real-world application. Reserve your spot now for an enlightening session that redefines your understanding of wireless communication systems.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will include:

  • Design an Amplifier circuit from a GaN transistor model
  • Understand how thermal simulations can influence and modify amplifier behavior
  • Learn the intricacies of connecting amplifier models to 5G phased antenna arrays and evaluating performance
  • How to integrate the fields of an installed antenna with Ansys network planning and wireless channel modeling

Who Should Attend

  • System Engineers: Grasp a holistic understanding of the entire wireless communication workflow
  • Professionals in wireless communication: Gain comprehensive insights into the modern workflow from transistor modeling to wireless communication
  • Electromagnetic and circuit design enthusiasts: Delve into the co-simulation nuances between circuit models and full 3D designs
  • Engineers working with 5G/6G technologies: Learn the significance of integrating amplifier models with 5G phased antenna arrays and their subsequent performance evaluations
  • Network planners and algorithm developers: Understand the extraction and application of wireless KPIs, integrating them with real-time signal processing and algorithm testing for enhanced product performance


  • Hawal Rashid, PhD, Principal Application Specialist
Webinar: From Transistor to Wireless Communication: An End-to-End 5G/6G Workflow