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Fast Track EV Development Using Virtual Test Driving

The electric powertrain, a multifaceted and hierarchically structured system, relies on intricate interactions between software development and hardware design. Early-stage validation of design decisions and their profound influence on vehicle behavior is a pivotal cornerstone for successful product development.

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About this Webinar

This webinar explores the collaboration between IPG Automotive and Ansys, showcasing how it expands the scope of virtual test driving for EV Vehicles. This collaboration provides a precise evaluation of vehicle performance and safety by seamlessly integrating factors for vehicle dynamics, controls, drive scenarios, and environmental variables.

We enable precise modeling of all powertrain components within a real-time environment. This establishes a highly detailed representation of the electric powertrain that integrates into the virtual vehicle simulation and testing platform. While accurately capturing the essence of the powertrain is undeniably critical, its seamless interaction with the broader vehicle dynamics and environment is equally indispensable. This results in a comprehensive understanding of the scene, scenarios, traffic dynamics, and terrain facilitated by CarMaker from IPG Automotive — an imperative for accurately predicting vehicle performance and ensuring a cutting-edge approach to EV powertrain development

What You Will Learn

  • Develop electric powertrain high fidelity plant models  
  • Combine software and hardware for sub-system and system validation 
  • Integrate Ansys powertrain models into CarMaker from IPG Automotive to accurately predict vehicle performance

Who Should Attend

  • Vehicle Manufacturers, Component Suppliers 
  • R&D Engineers / Leads / Managers 
  • Design Engineers / Leads / Managers 
  • Product Development Engineers / Leads / Managers 
  • Test Engineers / Leads / Managers


Tushar Sambharam, Principle Application Engineer at Ansys
Felix Pfister, Business Development Manager Powertrain, IPG Automotive

Webinar: Fast Track EV Development Using Virtual Test Driving