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Developing Electric Machines to Meet Durability and Reliability Targets

In this webinar, you’ll learn techniques for performing mechanical stress analysis on an electric machine to ensure the durability and reliability of its electric performance.


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About This Webinar

In order to ensure the durability of the electric motors under a wide range of operation conditions, such as those defined for automotive applications, it is important to predict its mechanical behavior during the design process. These design-level insights can be provided by simulating the stress and deformation of the electric machine.

We offer a complete workflow that progresses from design sizing options to detailed mechanical analyses of the motor. Coupled electromagnetic-thermal stress using Ansys tools results in a high-fidelity, accurate and robust design of an electric machine that’s optimized for performance, cost, durability, and efficiency.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Mechanical Design: Fast FEA solutions for design level insights with Ansys Motor-CAD
  • Simulating durability, lifecycle, and stress using advanced non-linear analysis and contact model 
  • Multiphysics / Multi-objective optimization for reliability and electric performance using Ansys optiSLang


Henry Zhang