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Ansys 2024 R2: Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus Update

Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus are solutions for simulating full-platform electromagnetic events such as EMI/EMC and ESD. See a demonstration of efficient workflows to model cables and harnesses, connect complex meshes, and visualize magnetic fields in 3D. Learn how ray tracing can be used in rad-hard calculations, how to predict electromagnetic discharges in plasma, and how users can vary particle energy transport spectrum for radiation transport.

July 23, 2024
11 AM EDT / 5 PM CEST / 8:30 PM IST


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What you will learn

  • Solve speed (via GPU Acceleration)
  • Advanced visualization of 3D magnetic fields
  • Automated workflows for PCB and cable/harness import
  • SAR (specific absorption rates)
  • Electromagnetic discharge in plasma

Who should attend

This webinar is for anyone who needs to mitigate hazardous electromagnetic interference, is required to pass EMC testing, or must mitigate harmful ESD events.


Kevin Druis-Merenda, Tim McDonald

EMC Plus Charge Plus