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Ansys 2022 R1: Ansys Mechanical Update

Discover the new features of Ansys Mechanical that equip engineers with easier workflows, faster product development, and increased productivity. Learn how our new Mechanical solution increases your simulation accuracy in this upcoming webinar.

The webinar has past, but you can still get the recording by filling out the form.

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About this Webinar

Ansys 2022 R1 delivers a wide range of new advancements to equip engineers with easier workflows, speed up product development, improve simulation efficiency and increase productivity. Improvements in element formulation, solvers and contact algorithms, scripting, automation, and product integration enable engineers to leverage simulation more effectively for product development.

We'll introduce a hybrid parallel technique within the Mechanical solver which provides more flexibility and efficiency by pushing the limits of computational hardware for efficient utilization. We'll also highlight GUI enhancements, python scripts, meshing, postprocessing, solver capabilities, element technology, and workflow improvement. Plus, we'll introduce the NVH toolkit, and a separate workflow for substructure simulation is notable for this release.

What you will learn

  • Get updates of new features and capabilities released for Ansys Mechanical
  • See Ansys Advancement in solver, meshing, scripting, and contact algorithms
  • Learn about the integration of Ansys tools in the Workbench platform and workflow development

Who should attend

Engineers and Product Managers who are using Ansys Mechanical products for the simulation


Jayaprakash Krishnasamy