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Airbus Webinar - Process Integration and Design Optimization 


October 4, 2022

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About This Webinar

This webinar will teach you about the easy vendor-neutral tools connection to support Ansys & non-Ansys tools. Use the simulation platform to enable automized simulations for Multiphysics topics. We'll show that a DoE with many input parameters can be used for Sensitivity Analysis to minimize the solver runs, automatically get a parameter importance ranking, and create surrogate models with AI/ML.

See how to lower simulation effort by optimizing the surrogate model or run optimization for physical and economic aspects together.

Discover tolerance analysis, including reliability analysis and proof of failure probability with fewer simulations. Learn how simulations and results can be used in simulation democratization for non-simulation experts to make data predictions to speed development.

What You Will Learn

  • How does data prediction will shorten the simulation development process
  • Identifying inputs which the most considerable impact on design performance to improve product performance
  • Consider tolerances in the early design phase & identify the most critical ones to eliminate the risk
  • The benefit of simulation democratization in the entire development process


Rene Kallmeyer, Product Sales Specialist optiSLang, Ansys