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Accelerate Automotive Suspension Design with Ansys Motion

Join us to learn how to improve the automotive suspension design process through a combination of powerful multibody dynamic analysis, structural simulation, and durability analysis tools in this upcoming presentation.


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Automotive OEMs are pursuing more compressed vehicle development processes to bring products to the market faster. One of the enablers to expedite the design process is utilizing CAE capabilities best to streamline the process efficiently. This study is to demonstrate an automotive suspension durability design process using Ansys Motion, Mechanical, and nCode. Ansys Motion now has a new tool to handle suspension loads extracted from suspension analyses conveniently. The durability load inputs to structural analysis can then be generated and used in Ansys Mechanical.

What you will learn

  • Predict forces acting on components within a front suspension using multibody dynamic simulation in Ansys Motion
  • Transfer loads calculated in Motion to a structural analysis model in Ansys Mechanical
  • Examine suspension durability with Ansys nCode  

Who should attend and why

Mechanical and Design Engineers for Automotive Suspensions


  • Hyung Hong
  • Linqi Zhang
Webinar: Accelerate Automotive Suspension Design with Ansys Motion
Webinar: Accelerate Automotive Suspension Design with Ansys Motion