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3D-IC Foundry Frameworks

Join us on June 28th; Ansys R&D members will discuss an overview of the 3D-IC technology development frameworks offered by TSMC, Samsung, and Intel and how Ansys simulation tools and workflows fit into those frameworks.

June 28, 2023


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About this Webinar

Semiconductor applications such as Mobile (5G), Automotive, and Datacenter (HPC, AI) demand better scaling, performance, and lower power usage. Advanced packaging is moving towards 3DIC systems to address these needs, as evidenced by the technology directions from TSMC, Samsung, and Intel. We'll present a comprehensive overview of these technologies, and the Ansys flows to address EMIR, Thermal integrity, and mechanical stress challenges posed by these 3DIC systems.

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced 3DIC packaging trends and challenges faced by engineers
  • 3DIC system data flows from P&R to analysis tools
  • EMIR and Thermal Integrity flows using RedHawk SCTM and RedHawk SC ElectroThermalTM


3D-IC Foundry Frameworks

Mallik Vusirikala is a Director Product Specialist at Ansys, responsible for strategic directions and deployment of the RedHawk product line for Power integrity and related solutions. He has been with Ansys for over 12 years. Prior to that he was with Texas instruments in the CAD flow/ methodology group developing multiple flows for standard cell library creation. He obtained his bachelor’s degree with Honors in Computer Science and Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (India).


Prakash Vennam is an R&D Director at Ansys, responsible for 3DIC modeling and electrothermal product lines. He has been with Ansys for over 15 years and has worked in 3D full-wave electromagnetic products, SI/PI/TI flows and parasitic extractions. Prior to joining Ansys, Prakash worked as a developer and RD manager at Sigrity, Inc. where he was responsible for 2.5D EM products for package and PCB PI/SI analysis. He has a Ph.D. in microwave engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, India and has over 200 publications covering computational electromagnetics, 3DIC/system modeling, and electrothermal areas.

3D-IC Foundry Frameworks
3D-IC Foundry Frameworks