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Ansys Mechanical Short Fiber Composites

Course Overview

Short Fiber Composites training is geared towards engineers who are designing and analyzing part made of short fiber reinforced plastics manufactured through injection molding. The training will cover determination and calibration of the material model, the correct import and mapping the local fiber orientations resulting from a simulation of an injection processes, along with other relevant quantities such as local fiber volume fraction and injection residual stresses.

The real-world problems presented in these tutorials showcase the power of Ansys workflow for the structural simulation of Short Fiber Composites. This workflow combines Material Designer for the material characterization, the Injection Molding Data system in Workbench that imports injection molding simulation results, and Mechanical for the setup up of the finite element model.

This training will teach attendees how to make high fidelity models of short fiber composites, saving time at the material modeling and model creation stages, and more.


Teaching Method

Computer practical sessions with embedded lectures to optimize learning and to validate acquired knowledge. 

Learning Outcome

Following completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Calibrate material models truly representative of the experimental behavior of short fiber composites
  • Bring into Ansys Mechanical the data in output from injection simulations
  • Create realistic models with parts made of short fiber reinforced plastic.

 Available Dates

Currently, no training dates available

Learning Options

Training materials for this course are available with a Ansys Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.


This course consists of tutorials only that are self-explanatory. The total duration to go through all the tutorials is 8 hours.

  • Module 1 - Structural Analysis of a Short Fiber Reinforced Part Tutorial (1.5 hour)
  • Module 2 - Calibration and Validation of the Elasto-Plastic Properties of a Short Fiber Composite Tutorial (3 hours)
  • Module 3 - Structural and Modal Analysis of a Short Fiber Reinforced Car Mirror Tutorial (2 hours)
  • Module 4 - Accounting for Weld lines in the Simulation of Injection Molded Parts (1.5 hour)