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Ansys Mechanical Beams and Shells Modeling (Self-paced Learning Available)

Course Overview

This course is designed for users of Ansys Mechanical that have a need to use beam and shell modeling techniques for structural analysis.

The learning objective is to be able to run a Static Structural solution on a model composed of line (beam) and surface (shell) bodies. This essentially consists of developing knowledge on the dedicated preprocessing and postprocessing tools associated with these body types.

The course is composed of two modules: the first covers beam modeling and the second covers shell modeling. The supporting theoretical background is included in both modules. Also included is a review of dedicated elements, geometry, connections, and postprocessing tools.


Teaching Method

Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge. A training certificate is provided to all attendees who complete the course.

Learning Outcome

Following completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Become familiar with the beams and shells theory
  • Become familiar with the Ansys elements used for beams and shells models
  • Learn how to deal with the body’s connections
  • Learn about the Mesh-Based connection features
  • Discover the dedicated post processing tools for beams and shells

 Available Dates

Currently, no training dates available

Learning Options

Training materials for this course are available with a Ansys Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.

Self-paced Learning 

Complete a class on your own schedule at your own pace. Scope is equivalent to Instructor led classes. Includes video lecture, workshops and input files. All our Self-Paced video courses are only available with an Ansys Learning Hub subscription.


This is a half day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 2 x 2 hour sessions, lectures only.

Virtual Classroom Session 1 

  • Module 01: Beam Modeling
  • Workshop 01.1: Beam Modeling
  • Module 02: Shell Modeling
  • Workshop 02.1: Shell Modeling
  • Workshop 02.2: Shell Modeling – Submodeling

Virtual Classroom Session 2

  • Module 03: Mesh Based Connection
  • Workshop 03.1: T-Connections
  • Workshop 03.2: Barge Structure