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Ansys RaptorX: How to Extract the Most Complex RFICs and High-Speed SoCs with RaptorX (Self-paced Learning Available)

Course Overview

This course will teach you how to perform RaptorX electromagnetic modelling extractions on the largest and most complex SoCs, including which settings can be adjusted to extract the most demanding model while still maintaining accuracy.


  • Have a basic understanding of custom IC design flows and electromagnetics.
  • Have some general familiarity with EM solvers.
  • Be able to perform EM extraction using RaptorX.

Teaching Method

Slide presentation and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge. 

Learning Outcome

Following completion of the course, users should be able to:

  • Understand the different extraction modes of RaptorX and know when to use them. 
  • How to setup and extract corner models to capture manufacturing tolerance. 
  • Select the proper mesh frequency. 
  • To perform automatic geometry simplification. 
  • Select the proper RaptorX model output for SPICE simulation.
  • Extract large SoCs.
  • Optimize the RaptorX extraction setup to maximize accuracy and minimize extraction time.

 Available Dates

Learning Options

Training materials for this course are available with a Ansys Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.

Self-paced Learning 

Complete a class on your own schedule at your own pace. Scope is equivalent to Instructor led classes. Includes video lecture, workshops and input files. All our Self-Paced video courses are only available with an Ansys Learning Hub subscription.


This 1-hour virtual training session covers:

  • Overview of RaptorX simulation settings.
  • Description of the RaptorX solution process.
  • Discussion of which solver settings can be adjusted when modelling large SoCs.
  • Detail reduction in simulation time vs. solver settings for modelling large SoCs.