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Ansys SCADE Avionics Package

Course Overview

Ansys SCADE Avionics Package extends the Ansys SCADE Architect and Ansys SCADE Suite capabilities for the aerospace industry. It contains the following extensions: Solution for Avionics interfaces, Solution for the FACE™ Technical Standard, and Solution for AADL™

This advanced training course provides users with skills to design an embedded avionics software system using Ansys SCADE solutions in alignment with different avionics technical standards.


Solution for Avionics interfaces:

you will learn to understand the differences between the available configurations (AFDX, A429, CAN, A653), and to generate code for ARINC 653. The course also offers a specific focus on the design methodology approach for each configuration.

Solution for the FACE Technical Standard:

you will learn to use FACE configuration in Ansys SCADE Architect and Ansys SCADE Suite environments for generating code aligned with FACE Technical Standard. The course also offers a specific focus on reusing FACE models and deploying Ansys SCADE Suite models in alignment with FACE Technical Standard.

Solution for AADL:

you will learn to use AADL configuration in SCADE Architect and SCADE Suite environments for running safety and scheduling analysis in AADL-compliant tools. The course also offers a specific focus on reusing AADL models.



Target Audience: 

System Engineers / Software Engineers

Teaching Method:

Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge.

Learning Path


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This is a 1 day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops.