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Ansys HFSS Microwave Isolator

Course Overview

The HFSS Microwave isolator course demonstrates Ansys capabilities for modelling and analysing the saturated Ferrite based microwave devices example isolator, edge guided isolators using Ansys HFSS and Ansys Maxwell. This course is designed for intermediate users and includes three modules with workshops that show the workflows from start to finish. Topics such as resonance isolator with uniform magnetic bias, Ferrite material definition by importing non-linear BH curve, resonance isolator with non-uniform magnetic bias from Maxwell magneto static setup, edge guided isolator and thermal analysis of resonance isolator using AEDT Icepack are explored in the course.


Ansys HFSS Getting Started is must. 

Familiarity with Ansys Maxwell Getting Started.

Teaching Method

Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge. 

A major emphasis is placed on teaching by software demonstration and on the development of a solution to a design challenge from start to finish. 

Learning Outcome

Following completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define a user created Ferrite material by importing a non-linear BH curve and non-zero magnetic saturation.

  • Set up a workflow for simulating resonance isolator using Ansys HFSS and defining uniform magnetic bias to create magnetic moment.

  • Setup a workflow for simulating Anys Maxwell magnetostatic simulation and link non uniform magnetic field to resonance isolator.

  • Set up a workflow for simulating a planar edge guided isolator using magnetic bias to Ferrite slab.

  • Setup a workflow for simulating thermal analysis (temperature rise) of resonance isolator in Icepack by linking volume loss density from HFSS. 

  • Plotting the S-parameters, E fields for asymmetrical transmissions in isolators.


This is a half-day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 2 hours and 30 minutes session, lectures only.

Virtual Classroom Session

  • WS 1.1 Resonance Isolator Analysis Using AEDT HFSS-Uniform Magnetic Bias
  • WS 1.2 Resonance Isolator Analysis Using AEDT HFSS and Maxwell-Nonuniform Magnetic Bias Excitation
  • WS 2 Edge Guided Isolator Using AEDT HFSS-Uniform Magnetic Bias
  • WS 3 Thermal Analysis of Resonance Isolator using HFSS and Icepack in AEDT