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Ansys AVxcelerate 
CarMaker Co-simulation

Course Overview

This course teaches you how to get started with the co-simulation between both software. 

You will first become familiar with the product architecture, the co-simulation preparation workflow, including how to compile the CarMaker connector to AVxcelerate. You will also get an overview of the User Interface settings allowing to customize your physics-based simulation.

You will learn about the structure of the Co-simulation library, how to import and prepare CarMaker assets, manage roads, and map assets and tracks between AVxcelerate and CarMaker.

Finally, you will also learn about environment types like Natural Sky, HDRI Sky, their workflow as well as how to define the directional, point and surface sources.


  • There is no prerequisite for this course, however it is recommended that you follow the Getting Started and the Data Preparation modules of the Sensors Simulation course.

Teaching Method

Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge.

Learning Outcome

Following completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare the co-simulation data
  • Import static and dynamic assets
  • Prepare traffic models (cars, pedestrians, bicycles) and ego car with a dynamic model.
  • Import and prepare roads with co-simulation assets including traffic signs
  • Compile the CarMaker connector
  • Set up a sensor configuration, simulation parameters and asset mapping.
  • Define sources such as Natural Sky, HDRI scene, Direction, Point and Surface.
  • Run a simulation.

 Available Dates

Learning Options

Training materials for this course are available with a Ansys Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.


This is a 1-day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops. 

  • Module 01: CarMaker Co-simulation
  • Workshop 01: Running a Co-simulation with CarMaker
  • Module 02: Data Preparation
  • Workshop 02.1: Adding a Traffic Sign to the CarMaker Co-simulation Library
  • Workshop 02.2: Defining a Camera Simulation
  • Workshop 02.3: Set Natural and hdri Sky for Co-Simulation with CarMaker
  • CarMaker Co-simulation with AVxcelerate Sensors Simulator
  • CarMaker Assets Preparation