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Multiphysics Optimization of Electronics Systems Using ANSYS Icepak, ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS optiSLang
Learn about a leading-edge optimization procedure applied to the thermomechanical setup of an electronics system.

Modeling Fan And Blower Systems
This webinar will highlight the creation of work flows in ANSYS Workbench, incorporating 1-D and 2-D design tools, both general and turbo-specific geometry...

ANSYS Fluent Fault-Tolerant Workflow Speeds Meshing for Dirty, Non-watertight Geometries - Webinar | ANSYS
Join us for this free webinar that spotlights how ANSYS Fluent’s new fault-tolerant workflow may be used to simplify and speed meshing for even the dirtiest geometries with no geometry preparation required.

Creating a Reliability Physics-Focused Organization - Webinar | ANSYS
This webinar introduces a blueprint for structuring your organization to introduce reliability physics into each stage of the product development process, to accelerate time to market and ensure reliability.

Implementing Reliability Physics into the Design Process: What Every Manager and Engineer Needs to Know - Webinar | ANSYS
At the end of this presentation, engineers and managers will have the foundational knowledge to improve existing processes and educate peers and supervisors as to the value proposition, while minimizing any potential disruption.

The Reliability of BGAs, QFNs and Other Critical Packages - Webinar | ANSYS
The webinar also covers other possible reasons why your electronic product may not be robust with regards to thermal cycling.

Erosion Analysis in ANSYS Fluent
In this webinar, we discuss erosion modeling and erosion mesh deformation capabilities in ANSYS Fluent.

Reliability of Microvias/Plated Through-Holes in PCB - Webinar | ANSYS
This webinar provides a new, fully automated approach to analyze complex PCB designs and identify the configurations that are susceptible to failure.

Multiphysics Simulation of a Printed Circuit Board - Webinar
When evaluating printed circuit board (PCB) designs, engineers must balance the requirements of multiple physics disciplines — electrical, thermal and...

PCB Capacitor Optimization that Accounts for Gradient Temperatures and DC Biasing
Learn how to account for temperature and bias capacitance dependencies.

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