Using SHELL Elements in ANSYS Mechanical

Thin-walled structures are extensively used throughout many industries, because they can exhibit a high load-carrying per weight capacity. Aircraft, automobiles, storage vessels, and industrial buildings are just a few examples of the type of structures that extensively employ thin-walled construction.

Thin-walled structures present unique challenges for numerical simulation. It is conceptually simple to represent a thin-walled structure using traditional 3-D SOLID finite elements. However, it is often difficult to construct accurate, efficient meshes of thin-walled members using SOLID elements. Modeling thin structures using SOLID elements can be computationally very expensive. SHELL elements provide a computationally efficient alternative. They create a mathematical 2-D idealization of a 3-D structure that does not require the explicit modeling the thin dimension. This approach allows the use of efficient surface meshes.

ANSYS Mechanical 15.0 provides many tools for meshing and joining thin-walled models using SHELL elements. This webinar will discuss these tools. It will begin with a short presentation. After the presentation, a panel of experts from the ANSYS development and technical services groups will answer questions on this topic live via WebEx.
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