Using Optimus with ANSYS to Get the Best Value from Your Simulation - Webinar

This webinar will focus on how the Optimus® design optimization software integrates with ANSYS® Workbench™ 14.5, leveraging its parametric modelling capabilities to streamline the simulation and optimization process and to deliver better engineering insight.

In particular, we’ll show you during this webinar how:
• ANSYS Workbench design parameters are easily exposed to Optimus, enabling you to set up a repeatable simulation workflow within Optimus that integrates ANSYS structural mechanics and/or fluid dynamics simulation technology.
• Optimus further streamlines your simulation process to run without manual intervention, entirely eliminating repetitive manual tasks.
• Optimus conducts Design of Experiments (DoE) to uncover hidden correlations between inputs and outputs, enabling you to focus on the key design parameters and simplify the decision process.
• Optimus creates reliable meta-models from DoE data, delivering deeper insight into your simulation models to support better-informed design decisions.
• Optimus performs design optimization on those meta-models, reducing the number of runs needed to identify the most promising and feasible design candidates.
• Optimus is used to deliver robust product designs that minimize sensitivity to manufacturing tolerances and geometric variations.
• Optimus users can benefit from ANSYS’ highly efficient solver and parallel processing capabilities (using ANSYS Remote Solver Manager & HPC Parametric Pack to execute multiple design points simultaneously), enabling greater simulation throughput and minimizing elapsed time for the simulation to reach an optimal design.
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