Toward Virtual System Prototyping Challenges and Enablers in Modeling Systems - Webinar

As companies strive to advance their modeling and simulation capabilities toward realizing full virtual prototypes of their complex systems, they face a number of challenges associated with assembling multi-domain system models. Beyond the inherent time and budget pressures, companies interact and collaborate with a variety of departments, suppliers, and manufacturers as a source of models; they must deal with a diverse mixture of tools, modeling formats and conventions of different domains; and they must preserve and repurpose an often decades-old legacy of modeling knowledge and assets.

Learn how modeling languages, reduced-order modeling, and interoperability standards can help companies to meet these challenges. Standardized interface specifications like the Functional Mock-up Interface can help departments and supply chains to exchange models and communicate more effectively. Discover how multi-domain modeling languages, including Modelica and VHDL-AMS, can combine with ANSYS solutions for more effective system-level simulations.
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