Optimization in Electronics Thermal Management using ANSYS Icepak and ANSYS DesignXplorer - Webinar

With rapid advancements in technology, design engineers are under constant pressure to respond to changing market demands for innovative products with optimized performance. Over the years, leading companies have relied on ANSYS Icepak to provide thermal management solutions for their electronic devices. Icepak’s optimization feature is frequently used to arrive at the best design point for an objective function. The best design point is often the result of a trade-off between various objectives. Hence, it is important to gather enough information about the current design so as to be able to quantify the influence of design variables on the performance of the product in an exhaustive manner. This information should help design engineers to take right decision, even in the event of an unexpected change in the design constraints.

In 15.0, ANSYS Icepak can be linked to ANSYS DesignXplorer (DX) within the ANSYS Workbench framework. ANSYS DesignXplorer significantly enhances the ability of an ANSYS Icepak user to gather comprehensive insight into a given design space. It applies the design of experiment (DOE) algorithms to efficiently and scientifically factor the design space. It uses state-of-art response surface technology to interpolate results and calculate result sensitivity for a given set of input variables.

This webinar will provide an overview of the Icepak-DX workflow discussing the publishing of Icepak parameters into Workbench, running goal driven optimization, analyzing the response surface and performing sensitivity studies.
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