Engineering Productivity for the Energy Industry with ANSYS 17.0 - Webinar

Rapid changes in the energy industry propelled by dropping oil prices, the availability of natural gas from hydraulic fracking, and the rise of alternative energy technologies is driving innovation in the sector. The recently released ANSYS 17.0 can accelerate this innovation and ensure the success of new products and processes in the field, while meeting safety concerns and complying with regulatory requirements.

Learn how enhancements to a range of embedded software tools required for the design and analysis of electronic, electro-mechanical, thermo-mechanical and fluid-mechanical systems can accelerate the development of new products and processes for the energy industry. The focus will be on 10 compelling features of ANSYS 17.0 that can improve your engineering productivity. Discover how ANSYS 17.0 integrates ANSYS multi-disciplinary software, expands system level tools and accelerates engineering design workflow.
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