ANSYS Customization Solutions for Electronics - Webinar

For more than a decade, leading companies around the world have relied on ANSYS customization solutions for fluid, structural and electromagnetic simulations. ANSYS Customization Suite enables workflow automation by enhancing speed and ease of modeling, simulation setup and post capabilities for electronic simulations. In addition to these standard features and functionalities, ACS offers advanced capabilities via the ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit that specializes in application customization for advanced modeling needs.

A typical design scenario in the electronics industry seeks a faster design cycle with less turnaround time. This industry includes products ranging from smartphones to laptops to individual chips and electronic components. Simulation plays an important role minimizing the number of prototypes. ACS capabilities, such as the CAD cleanup template for electronics, fatigue-related post-processing for packages and custom heat sink creation extensions, facilitate easy model building — even for basic CFD or structural simulation users. In addition to workflow streamlining with customized user interfaces, ANSYS customization facilitates advanced simulation needs including network modeling and trace import facilities in structural simulation for thermal warpage analysis.

This webinar provides an overview of customization solutions for the CFD and FEA simulations in the electronics industry. The webinar also provides attendees with detailed insight into several examples that cater to key application areas and modeling requirements.
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