Applying Solution-Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Engine Simulations - Technical Paper

A new solution-adaptive mesh refinement capability has been implemented in ANSYS Forte CFD. In this paper, we discuss its implementation and application to engine simulations. This feature is built upon the automatic meshing framework in Forte. The automatic and on-the-fly mesh generation capability in Forte generates a Cartesian cell mesh and the solver uses an immersed boundary method. The mesh generation employs an octree data structure to represent the computational cells inside the computational domain, and all computational cells are perfectly orthogonal. In many scenarios of engine application, high mesh resolution is required to resolve fine geometrical structures or sharp gradients in a physical model. It is impractical and often unnecessary to apply tiny cells everywhere inside the whole domain; thus adaptive mesh refinement and coarsening can be important for obtaining high local mesh resolution while keeping the computational cost low.
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