Simulation of Rock Cutting by the Finite Element Method

The two dimensional simulation models of rock fragmentation due to cutting have been developed by the finite element method (FEM) using ANSYS software, in the models the friction between the crack faces and the tool with rock is taken into account. A special crack tip element and the surface-to-surface contact elements are used to simulate the feature of the crack tip stress singularity. The crack tip stress and displacement distributions can be accurately determined, and the stress intensity factor (SIF) and strain energy release rate and strain energy density factor can be calculated accordingly. Thus the crack initiation and propagation paths and required forces can be accurately determined by the rigorous fracture criteria (σ- criteria, G- criteria and S- criteria). Several studies have been made to simulate rock-cutting phenomena by fracture mechanics principles coupled with the FEM. The cutting process of major chip formation by a drag pick cutting has simulated. The two-crack model simulation is performed for more attempts; as a result the influence of cutting parameter and tool geometry and friction and multi-crack in cutting process can be investigated by simulation.
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