Modules of CFX-5 CFD for Components Design and Analysis of a Nuclear Generator

A nuclear power plant “U-Tube” steam generator is a boiling heat exchanger with shell and tubes. Feed water enters the generator as subcooled water and goes through a series of components to distribute into tube bundle. In the tube bundle, the subcooled water boils, leaves the bundle as a mixture of steam and water, and rises through moisture separation devices. Saturated water returns to a water pool where the feed water enters and mixes with the saturated water. Steam continues rising up and leaves the steam generator. Each component has its unique fluid conditions ranging from single phase to two-phase flow plus corrosion particles and solute. Modules of CFD analysis for various components are being developed using the CFX-5 program. This paper presents four modules: (1) the lower tube bundle, (2) the sludge collector in the water pool, (3) the steam flow through the last stage of moisture separation, and (4) the feed water distribution ring. This paper presents results of the CFX-5 CFD analysis for these modules. The paper demonstrates the CFX-5 role and its usefulness in the design and analysis of the nuclear steam generator. The continued module development will cover more components, in particular, in the tube bundle where boiling takes place. For example, it is planned to evaluate steam and water flow through the restricted passage of the tube support plate so that particulate deposition and solute precipitation in the restricted passage can be examined and prevented.
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