Finite Element Multiscale Homogenization and Sequential Heterogenization of Composite Structures

For the finite element analysis of 3D composite structures with complex microstructure the Multiscale Direct Homogenization (MDH) method and Sequential Direct Heterogenization (SHD) method based on locality principle will be developed. The proposed general algorithm for the solution of the complex problems consists of three steps: - MDH for periodic, regular or non-regular 2D&3D composite structures based on microstress finite element analysis of representative volume element (RVE); - Macroanalysis of composite structures including contact interactions; - SDH for real composite structure with complicated microstructure and detailed microstress finite element analysis of real microstructure. The algorithm allow to perform the finite element analysis of micromechanical problems based on submodeling method: - boundary layers in composite structures (free edge effects, local loads, conjunction of composites with different microstructures, delaminations, fiber/matrix debondings, matrix cracking, fiber rupture etc.), -contact interaction of composite components, including debonding effects at the fiber/matrix interface.
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