Dynamic Simulation of Electromechanical Systems using ANSYS and CASPOC

Electromechanic actuators are one of the widely used drive systems in the recent years. The number of such systems e.g. for automotive und biomedical applications is even more growing now. All together most of these systems must feature a very low power consumption, a small size (and even much smaller in the future) and the production costs should tend to zero using standard components. The computation of the dynamic behaviour of a complete electromechanical system including moving parts and eddy current losses is an important requirement for a complete virtual prototype in an up to date development process. This characterization can be realized with an expensive magnetic-mechanical coupled field simulation. A reduced order system simulation based on the coenergy approach can be much more effective if some simplifications relating eddy currents can be made. The following paper summarizes the possibilities and experiences at CADFEM with the finite element program ANSYS as a preferred analysis tool for electromechanical system simulation.
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