Deploying ANSYS Models as Enterprise Accessible Software Applications

Obtaining more value from an organisation’s assets and knowledge is on every manager’s agenda. This paper presents AEA Technology’s developments in enabling organisations to capture expert knowledge, simplify the user interface and extract more value from their existing complex software in a quality controlled environment. The use of EASA with ANSYS is explained with an example of a medical device application developed by IDAC Ireland Ltd. This application calculates the fatigue life of a medical stent. A stent is a small medical device, which is used to treat coronary and other blood vessel disease. It is deployed inside the diseased artery and acts as scaffolding to ensure free flow of oxygenated blood. EASA has brought benefits to this application by allowing the rapid development of a GUI, web deployment and much easier use of the application by non-ANSYS users within expert-designed boundaries.
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