ANSYS Customization for Bridges and Prestressed Concrete Structures Analysis and Design

This paper shows most of the new features for the analysis and design of bridges using ANSYS and CivilFEM, its customization for civil engineering. A special consideration is done for prestressed concrete structures analysis requirements. Advanced features such as the definition of bridges layout (in both plan and elevation views), automatic generation of a 3D geometric and finite element model, surface loads and moving loads generator, and utilities for introducing the prestressed cable forces into the model are explained and illustrated in this paper. In addition, some advanced prestressing features are also detailed such as the tendon editor that allows defining and modifying prestressing tendons layout by an interactive graphical way. At the same time, the tendon prestressing losses and the consequent stress distribution through it are calculated. The transference of the resultant prestressing forces to the finite element model, either for beams or for solid elements, checking and design according to the most international codes, taking into account the prestressing actions, are also discussed here in.
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