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Industrial Simulations Get Complex; Cloud Technology Turns the Tide

Industrial Simulations Get Complex WP Engineering Cover

Industrial engineers are tasked with solving some of the world’s most complex problems. Whether they are optimizing the manufacturing of a smart truck or reducing the environmental impact of a canning facility, industrial engineers draw from their vast knowledge of physics, economics and modeling to get the job done. In fact, it isn’t out of the ordinary for the simulations these engineers perform to have millions of elements and multiple physics models ranging from FEA, CFD, electromagnetics and more.

Computing these massive simulations doesn’t come cheap. The on-premises resources needed will often price out large businesses—let alone small and medium-sized enterprises. And when an organization does invest in the required high-performance computing (HPC) tools, they are outdated within a year, and underused for months (in-between the large simulation runs). As a result, many organizations lack the on-premises tools needed to run these simulations and are not going to put down the capital to get them.

This leaves industrial engineers with a dilemma: how are they to run these simulations if they do not have the computational resources to get it done properly or in a timely manner? This whitepaper outlines the experiences of Turntide Technologies' engineering team using Ansys Gateway powered by AWS so that other engineers can repeat this success.


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